Eco Tan Face Tan Water 3.38 fl. oz. / 100ml

Eco Tan Face Tan Water 3.38 fl. oz. / 100ml

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Say Goodbye to your foundation and Hello to your best kept secret for going Fresh Faced with Confidence!

Suitable for all skin tones.


Face Tan Water™ is a gradual liquid self tanning toner. An organic self tan specifically created for face, neck and décolletage! Face Tan Water™ builds to a beautiful glow, creates a youthful radiance and even reduces the need to wear foundation!

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To keep that summer sun-kissed glow on your face all year round, without the sun’s harmful rays, apply self tanning Face Tan Water™ 2-3 times a week. Just like RICH Body and Face Oils, Face Tan Water™ is a non-comedogenic formula that will lock in moisture on your face without clogging your pores! So it’s lightweight moisturising properties leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated, never greasy! It uses Hyaluronic Acid, an effective hydrating ingredient as well as calming, hydrating, and antioxidant properties that are great for all skin types, even for rosacea, eczema and acne effected  skin!

Certified Organic and Vegan

To get the Ultimate Glow Year Round:

  1. Exfoliate. RICH babes prefer the non-chemical, circulation boosting method of Dry Brushing and RICH sells the perfect Face and Body Dry Brush to get your skin glow-ready.

  2. Shower. Post Dry Brushing or using any exfoliant, its always a good idea to further rinse away the dead skin cells that have been sloughed off. Plus, you’ll want to avoid any contact with water after applying Tan Water so its good to get it out of the way now :).

  3. Moisturize. Now that your skin is as smooth and new as a baby’s bum, its important to moisturize to keep that supple tone even and lasting. Again, RICH babes know that using RICH, (whether you use the multitasking Body Oil all over or combo with the Extra Age Fighting Face Oil), is the perfect Pre-Tan solution. Creams and Lotions can leave a residue that will act as a barrier between you and your tan and thats not cool. After Moisturizing, it’s very important to wait at least 30 minutes before applying Tanning Product for Full, Awesome Absorption.

  4. Apply Face Tan Water. Face Tan Water literally applies just like water or similarly to a toner. Just use your fingers to apply to face, neck, and décolletage as we find a cotton pad can soak up all the liquid. Make sure you’re applying enough product, at least a teaspoon per application to see a thin liquid layer on your skin. There is no dye or guide color so it is white pillowcase/sheet approved! Wash your hands twice or very thoroughly immediately after application as it could tan palms, NOT a good look. Lastly, tan will develop over an 8 hour period after application so avoid washing or contact with water, or, applying oils, serums, or other toners after application. Basically, any liquid should be applied beforehand to avoid wiping the product off.

*Apply 2-3 times a week. Color will build and is totally customizable.

Ditch your foundation and instead add Face Tan Water™ to your beauty routine for a beautiful, sun-kissed glow and healthy skin that can breathe!