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RICH will be your full body and face moisture fix, just apply as many pumps as desired directly to skin or to palms and gently rub in for about 60 seconds or until absorbed. No greasy, runny mess and long absorption time like with some other body oils. Perfect as an under makeup primer to even skin texture. Can also be a healing before bed mask for face or body. Let your body's natural sleepy-time magic make the most of this oils benefits and wake up to dewy glowy glory. 


The oil that truly does it all, RICH is also a protein building, split-end softening superstar that will amp up the gloss without the grease and tame your frizzy mane. Apply a small amount to palms, rub them together to get an even coat of the oil, then run through the lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the root area. Can be used as a full hair and scalp moisture mask. Just leave on for 20 min., then shampoo as normal.


Apply a couple of pumps to fingertips and very gently swipe over face in circular motions. Dissolves makeup, especially stubborn or waterproof eye makeup, in a jiff. No scrubbing or harsh solutions necessary. Simply rinse away with warm water.